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Eureka Lab Book, custom, high quality Laboratory Notebooks
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Eureka Lab Book, Inc. manufactures Stock books, custom stamped stock books, and true custom designed books. Our custom designed books have no limitations with regard to size, page count, colors, quality of paper and construction.

When it comes to archival quality books no other company compares "apples to apples" across the board on integrity, quality, customization and price to Eureka Lab Book, Inc. .. a tradition of quality since 1890.
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Oversized Lab Book!

Often imitated, never replicated. Not all Oversized notebooks are built equally. Eureka's "the original Oversized book" is in a class of it's own!

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. Others claim to have Oversized notebooks, however Eureka's Oversized notebook is the only FUNCTIONAL oversized notebook on the market today. Our spine will grow consistantly with the book, others simply cannot. A true oversized notebook is one that can fit a full 11 x 8-1/2" paper onto the grid WITHOUT covering up any entry areas on the page (even the 'From Page No. and the 'To Page No. areas). So why do they call theirs oversized?

Oversized Laboratory Notebook

as low as

$26.00 ea.

Less than
20 Books
20 - 79
80 - 139
$32.00 ea $30.00 ea $28.00 ea $26.00 ea


If you are interested in an Oversized Lab Book for the purpose of affixing data to the pages, then here are the 5 most important features to consider:

  1. Paper thickness – The paper used in Oversized Lab Books should a minimum of 70#.  The books pages should be thicker than the pages that will be inserted.  The paper is counted on to hold up to the added weight of the inserts.
  2. Sheet size – The width of the sheet should be no less than 9.5” wide.  The inserts will most likely be 8.5” wide, and should not be too close to the sewing or the opening of the book.   If too close to the sewing the books will fan open when filled, if too close to the opening the inserts will stick out when filled.  Eureka has tested and found 9.5” to be the minimum width for functional acceptance.
  3. Wide joint cover – The book should have a wide joint, or approximately 1 inch on either side.  This is the distance from the back of the spine to the board on the front and back cover.  The size to which a books spine can expand is in direct relation to the width of the joint.
  4. Board thickness – The front and back binder boards should be at least 100 gauge.  Anything thinner will have a tendency to warp as the insides expand.
  5. Woven based cover material – Cover materials may appear similar on the outside, but the quality of the material is determined by the base, not the coating.  A woven fabric base is not only more durable than a paper base, but it has no memory.  No matter how much the spine is open closed and stretched, a woven fabric base will spring back to form.

An 11 X 8 1/2" printout will fit comfortably within the grid area and not cover any header or footer information. If you are incorporating printouts, samples, labels, etc, Eureka's Oversized Lab Book is specially designed to grow to several times it's original thickness. The key feature is the extra wide joint on front and back cover which allow the biding to expand along with it's contents.

The following features of the Oversized Lab book ease scientific documentation procedures and ensure research protection for all laboratories:
  • Leaf size is 13-5/8 - 9-1/2"
  • Issued to page, and guidelines
  • 8 page table of contents
  • 152 numbered work pages
  • Pages have 4 to the inch grid with faint vertical lines
  • Round-back binding with wide joint
  • Section-sewn
  • Hard, fully wrapped cover
  • Avalible in Black and Blue
  • Embossing available
  • Numbering available

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