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A4 Lab Book
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A4 Lab Book
Price: $25.00

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Product Description

  • 152 numbered pages (76 leafs printed on two sides). Four squares to the inch grid with faint downlines printed in blue ink. Pages numbered 1-152 in upper outside corner with page number in black ink.
  • 8 page Table of Contents (4 leafs printed on two sides) in front of book.
  • Above the grid are page numbers and spaces for title, project number, book number, and "From Page" number. Below the grid are spaces for "To Page" number, signature, date, witnessed and understood, and date.
  • Front end leaf contains "Issued To" and "Guidelines" areas.
  • Printed on #1 sulfite, sub 24 archival quality acid-free white Eureka ledger paper.
  • Section sewn with reinforced front and back end leafs.
  • Hard cover fully case bound in black imitation leather with round spine.
  • Wide joint construction will expand to accommodate pasted-in components.

Weight: 3.4 lb
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