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1/4" Scientific Ruled
1/4" Scientific Ruled Printer Friendly Tell a Friend
1/4" Scientific Ruled
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Paper is acid free and archival quality.  The paper weight is 60 pound, and color is bright white.

Standard size:
The leaf size is approximately 11-1/4" x 9"inches, which is Eureka's second most commonly requested size.

Popular Page format:
Work pages have 4 to the inch grid format. All printing is black ink. Books are available in 100,168,and 200 page count.

Square-back binding:
Expandable and durable, your lab book will allow for pasted-in printouts and lay flat for microfilming. Unlike pinched-back bindings which often crack, our notebook's square-back bindings are designed to withstand constant wear and tear.

Your laboratory notebook's integrity will be maintained -- in the section-sewn notebook, no pages can be added or torn from the book without disrupting the binding. Section sewing also allows for optimal lay-flat. The thread is 100% cotton and acid free.

Hard, fully wrapped cover:
Each notebook cover is constructed of heavy duty 100 gauge boards fully wrapped in black imitation leather. OR Pressboard Cover (see below)

Pressboard cover:
If your project does not require a hard cover Eureka also offers these books in a flexible pressboard cover. The Pearl Grey Pressboard is cut-flush to the pages, and has a durable black cloth binding strip over the spine.    

If you like, the words "LABORATORY NOTEBOOK" or "ENGINEERING NOTEBOOK" may be embossed in gold foil on the front cover with no increase in price or delivery time.
Eureka can also stamp company name, logo, department, or anything else required and there is no minimum quantity. Please email us at sales@eurekalabbook.com and attach an example of what you'd like custom stamped.

Our notebooks can be sequentially numbered starting with the number of your choice (provided it is no more than 6 digits). You may select numbering on the cover or spine for $1 more per book, or choose numbering on both cover and spine for $2 more per book. Allow an extra week for delivery.

Weight: 2 lb
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