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Oversized Laboratory Notebook
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Oversized Laboratory Notebook
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Oversized Lab Books:
Meeting the Needs of Today's Researchers

Having served the scientific community for over 100 years, Eureka is uniquely equipped to keep up with the latest trends in documentation procedures and laboratory research protection. This is why we are able to introduce Oversized Lab Notebooks.

The Oversized lab book enables you to transfer computer generated or handwritten notations into archival quality
scientific notebooks. Page format allows for 11"x8.5" attachments, while leaving important page numbers and data entry areas exposed. Wide joint construction delivers proper expansion to accommodate permanently affixed items.  
Expands to Twice its Size!
On top: an oversized book, as sold
On bottom: an oversized book with 8.5"x11" sheets attached to each page.
This photo illustrates that our oversized books can expand to twice their capacity to accommodate pasted-in pages.

The Oversized Eureka Lab Books
As with other Eureka products, these special sized log books for laboratory use feature the highest quality paper, construction, and design.

Weight: 4 lb
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